She just sat there for thirty seconds letting me take her into my senses.

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But once Mary knew the signs - the closed door, the loud music, the mysteriously sticky underwear and the vast consumption of tissues - she was always able to catch him. Mary started off being kind. She patiently explained that it was natural for a boy Michael's age to have urges, but that God wanted him to remain pure.

Then Mary threatened her son, telling him that every ejaculation would lead him one step closer to eternal damnation. She even tried punishments, ordering him off to bed without dinner as soon as she saw what he was up to.

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Kathy, of course, was not making things easy for me. Her progressive loud moans and squeals were exciting me tremendously, especially since I knew that John could hear every filthy word coming from her naughty mouth.

Kathy, too, must have been turned on by the thought of John listening in, and she continued to spew forth a torrent of hot, nasty talk as I worked my dick in and out of her overheated pussy. Fuck it. Fuck it.

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